Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. Computer Stations/Stand- Alone Computer Lab

1.1. Adv: increased communication/collaboration, easier to monitor, hardware & updates maintained Dis Adv: not all Ss on a device at once,

2. One-computer Classroom

2.1. Adv: promotes partner/small group work with tech Dis Adv: limited use, no backup if it breaks

3. One-to-One Env't

3.1. Adv: all Ss on devices at once, collaboration, use every day Dis Adv: classroom management tested, distractions, keeping charged

4. Interactive Whiteboards, student responder techniques

4.1. Adv: small groups use interactivity to deepen learning, T uses S input during direct instruction Dis Adv: only one display device, Ss mix up responders

5. Tablet computing

5.1. Adv: portable, intuitive for Ss Dis Adv: limited to apps and OS, keeping charged, no keyboard

6. BYOD (cell phones, etc.)

6.1. Adv: Ss familiar with their device, Ss take pride in keeping their device nice Dis Adv: network issues, device compatibility (Ss might not see all material all the time)

7. Cloud Computing

7.1. Adv: files accessible anywhere, never lose work Dis Adv: need internet connection to work

8. Blended Learning/Flipped Classroom

8.1. Adv: Ss get to learn multiple ways, enrich class time Dis Adv: asks a lot of Ss at home, if pre-work not done class time is less valuable

9. Online Learning

9.1. Adv: anytime, anywhere learning, learn at your own pace, flexible learning styles Dis Adv: no face to face connection, need to be self-motivated and driven

10. No computers in classroom (by design)

10.1. Adv: No distractions, Ss communicate face to face Dis Adv: no chance for using tech