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CHAPTER 1 by Mind Map: CHAPTER 1

1. argument

1.1. Dr. Mortimer visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

1.1.1. he has an advice for them

1.2. He gives them a paper with a story

1.2.1. written in 1742 by Hugo baskerville

1.2.2. head of the family in 1640 bad man Hugo Baskeville

1.2.3. he felt in love with the daughter of a farmer she doesn't like him

1.2.4. he locked her in a room she escaped

1.2.5. he decided to rode after hounds to find her some friends went with him

1.2.6. found the girl dead Hugo next to her with an enormous hound there

1.2.7. hound tored out Hugo's throat

1.2.8. other Baskervilles died too because of this hound

1.3. then he gives them a newspaper

1.3.1. it explains that the Sir Charles Baskerville died suddenly