TEDxAmsterdam2011 Louise Vet

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TEDxAmsterdam2011 Louise Vet by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam2011 Louise Vet

1. intro

1.1. 2009

1.1.1. also on TEDxAmsterdam

1.2. 2011

1.2.1. now on poop

1.2.2. linieair economy destroy resources

1.2.3. phosphors destroy inreplaceble not renawable we get it from geological reserves only a few countries important for growing crops soja to our cattle in NL phosphores becomes far more expensive we've lost the connection for some moments

2. circulair economy

2.1. Wagening University

2.2. circulair with respect to buildings

2.3. algae are fantastic

2.3.1. fertilizer

2.3.2. greate plastic

2.3.3. algae cookies

2.3.4. influence on medicines

2.4. more information about the alge-projects at LowLands festival

2.5. lots of value in what we think is waste

2.6. apply it in buildings

3. -

3.1. Scientist, ecologist

3.2. Director NIOO-KNAW

3.3. Prof. at WU

3.4. @LEMVet

3.5. http://www.nioo.knaw.nl/users/lvet

3.6. See the mindmap of her talk at TEDxAmsterdam2009