Kaitlyn Begay Storyboard: Resume

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Kaitlyn Begay Storyboard: Resume by Mind Map: Kaitlyn Begay Storyboard: Resume

1. Media: Personal video introduction from informer (Me)

1.1. Welcoming viewers

1.1.1. list skills, past schooling experiences, and accomplishments

1.2. Provide brief background about the topic: Women and the promotion to motivating in the workforce.

1.2.1. Transition of fade

1.2.2. Add in remarking evidence of how I was involved in things related to fashion.

1.3. Note the fact that all sources have been cited on the references page for further clarification

2. Media: Information related to the statistical data representative of how women are becoming the new empowerment of modern day.

2.1. Tie active role of women to positive encouragement and its affects on workforce outlook

2.1.1. Reference--- Williams, T. An engaged female workforce benefits everyone. Retrieved from website. An engaged female workforce benefits everyone

3. The video will be created using WeVideo

3.1. Professional/ Colorful Theme

3.2. 1 Minute Introduction option with recorded video

3.3. Images of roles of women/what roles of the job I am interviewing for

3.3.1. Transition pictures to black then talk, then continue

3.4. Deepening (melancholy) tone of music for the time when discussing powerful roles of fashion field.

3.5. Upbeat tone of music when mentioning the notion of how women may be classified by an outsider vs. insider.

3.5.1. Transition- Fade

4. Explain how a woman's role both in and out of an workforce setting (such as being a mother, supporter, "good examples" etc.) positive reinforces good behavior and performance for women.

4.1. Note: A woman's role also encourages a more positive mindset and continuous motivation for adolescents

4.1.1. Reference -- Celebrity, Idol, and Personal influence

5. Introduce examples of celebrities or impactful people who have left a mark for women to be about to be motivated and dream big especially in workplaces.

5.1. Women are able to reach this trigger sequence to go out and do the things they dreamt of. Ex: Emma Gonzalez

5.2. When Emma opened up about her tragic experience of the Parkland shooting at her high school, she initiated and destined for a change to be made in legislature.

5.2.1. When Emma encounters people with views that differ from hers, she accepts it. However, she makes her presence on social media notable through her remarkable speeches concerning gun laws and other worldly issues.

5.3. When asked what motivates Emma she indicted stricter gun laws and proactive change that keeps the youth up on their feet to be able to live life in no fear.