Authorization (one time) vs Evaluation (cyclic)

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Authorization (one time) vs Evaluation (cyclic) by Mind Map: Authorization (one time) vs Evaluation (cyclic)

1. Differences

1.1. happen on different timescales

1.2. a visit is only mandatory for authorization

1.3. no consultation involved in evaluation process

1.4. category of PD is higher for evaluation

2. Evaluation

2.1. ensure proper training and professional delevopment

2.2. plan self-study and gather evidence

2.3. review of all standards and practices

3. Authorization

3.1. completion of consultation

3.2. completely mandatory Cat. 1 PD workshops

3.3. create the course outlines and policies for standards and practices

3.4. create application for authorization and plan the vists, ensure financial obligations are also met

4. Similarities

4.1. there are common standards and procedures to adhere to

4.2. there must be a self-study procedure in advance

4.3. IB community collaboratively works on documentation on policies to be submitted