Air pollution

Air pollution

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Air pollution by Mind Map: Air pollution

1. Sources

1.1. Greenhouse gasses

1.1.1. Sources Carbon dioxide Nitrogen oxide Methane Flourinated gasses

1.1.2. Effects Climate change Air pollution Increase in global temperatures

1.2. Smog

1.2.1. Sources Sulfurous Sulfur oxide Phytochemical / Ground level ozone Sunlight Nitrogen oxide Volatile organic compounds

1.2.2. Effects Grown haze Harms plants Irritating the eyes Respiratory distress

1.3. Toxic pollutant

1.3.1. Sources Chemical Mercury Lead Dioxin Benzene Activities Coal combustion Waste incineration Burning of gasoline

1.3.2. Effects Serious health problems Cancer Reproductive complications Birth defects

2. Solution

2.1. Decreasing the use of fossil fuels

2.1.1. By reducing the use of Motor vehicle Manufacturing Electricity generation

2.1.2. Reducing air pollution Contribute to Clean environment Improvement of human health Slow the rate of global warming