Building a Safe & Supported Learning Environment

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Building a Safe & Supported Learning Environment by Mind Map: Building a Safe & Supported Learning Environment

1. Provide opportunities to go out to excursions and learn 'hands on"

2. A Score is not a connotation of success - it is about the JOURNEY

3. Aim to build enterprises and interpersonal relationships

3.1. Be enthusiastic and Genuine

3.2. Learn names quickly

3.3. Award and praise EFFORT

3.4. Believe in your students

3.4.1. NAPLAN - do not put kids in box's

3.5. Use my philosophy of ethical use of consequences

3.6. Develop initiatives that provide ongoing opportunities for building relationships

3.7. INSTRUCT - Do not advise WHAT to do. "Please talk quietly".

4. Be approachable and Authoritative

4.1. increase students autonomy and compliance

4.2. Be warm, caring and respectful

5. Positive learning environment VS Classroom management

6. Use a range of motivational strategies

6.1. Heighten their academic interests

6.2. Foster positive environments

6.3. Be proactive!

7. Provide authentic learning experiences

7.1. Create MY ideal learning environment

8. Apply their learning to REAL experiences.

9. Minimising classroom interruptions by performing multiple tasks at once

9.1. refrain from going off topic and not returning to the point of discussion