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Action Plan by Mind Map: Action Plan

1. Transdisciplinary teaching and learning

1.1. Critical thinking skills

1.2. inquiry in teaching and learning

1.3. time management/scheduling

2. Differentiation

2.1. what does it look like in classroom

2.2. inclusion

3. Action

4. Library playing a central role

5. C 1. Collaboration

5.1. addressing differentiation

5.2. collaborative process need to be in place

5.3. map the learning engagements with skills

5.4. decide the assessments

5.5. to plan design and deliver

5.6. Assessments can be common between 2 subjects

6. Culture of academic Honesty

7. Student Agency

7.1. Responsibility

7.2. independence

7.3. choice

7.4. role of environment to support agency

8. Exhibition

8.1. can be inside or outside the POI

8.2. Can be year-long

8.3. as a project

8.4. should demonstrate some action but does not HAVE to

9. Child protection policy