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UGear by Mind Map: UGear

1. What

1.1. The idea: a mobile application, serving as an online marketplace for exclusively selling and buying gameday gear (college spirit apparel)

1.2. Uses (sellers)

1.2.1. Sellers of apparel can reach more customers, outside of local communities

1.2.2. Use the app to expand their business (maybe find potential partners to grow)

1.2.3. The app could have a consultant component, where sellers can get advice and support to grow business

1.3. Uses (buyers)

1.3.1. Find alternative college apparel more easily online, rather than sorting through Instagram or relying on word-of-mouth

1.3.2. Find more diverse clothing options by having this concentrated platform

1.4. Benefits

1.4.1. Provides new business opportunities for sellers

1.4.2. Customers can buy clothes for birthday and graduation gifts

1.4.3. Platform won't be clogged w/ other content, makes searching and finding companies easier

1.4.4. Companies won't just be locally-known or depend on word-of-mouth; serves as new form of marketing

1.5. What's needed

1.5.1. Software developers

1.5.2. Hardware

1.5.3. Software

1.5.4. Tech-consultants

1.5.5. UX researchers, designers

1.5.6. Offline marketing like partnerships w/ colleges, athletes, athletic organizations

1.5.7. Programming knowledge

1.5.8. Customer-base

1.6. Marketplace

1.6.1. College apparel, athletic or non-athletic

1.7. USP

1.7.1. The mobile application is exclusive to being an online marketplace for college apparel; offers consultant services (possibly, through customer service feature)

1.8. Platform

1.8.1. Kickstarter: creative projects, working prototype, more media exposure, larger consumer/support base

1.9. Drawbacks

1.9.1. Instagram is used for buying/selling college apparel; must show consumers why this app is different, unique

1.9.2. May be difficult to get enough users initially; need integrated marketing efforts

1.9.3. Limited source of backers: primarily college students and parents; should focus on gaining attention of more adults

1.10. Capital

1.10.1. Software and hardware

1.10.2. Hiring programming, UX researchers/designers, consultants; the team!

1.10.3. Marketing: attracting partnerships w/ anything related to college sports (athletes, universities), build an offline event where give away discounts; social media marketing

2. Why

2.1. Idea relevance

2.1.1. College student

2.1.2. Big 10 colleges, very athletic-focused

2.1.3. Large part of college culture is athletics, wearing apparel shows team support and pride

2.1.4. Marketing for college sports apparel large, people looking for easy means to find original apparel

2.2. Advantages to other products

2.2.1. Specialized service

2.2.2. Concentrated content on platform, sellers can better target customers, grow business, connect w/ others w/ similar business goals

2.2.3. Buyers can easily search for specific colleges, find more apparel on one platform, reduces user effort

2.3. Void filled

2.3.1. No mobile application exists that's an online marketplace exclusive to college apparel

2.4. Why this idea?

2.4.1. College student at a university where football is a huge part of college culture

2.4.2. Most of my friends go to schools where college sport's pride is important

2.4.3. Majority of students I know look for original, creative gameday apparel; take pride in it

2.4.4. Parents I know always looking to buy graduation gifts that are unique

2.5. Success

2.5.1. Although the app will attract niche consumer-base, the niche is large enough and also wealthy enough to support app

2.5.2. Offers unique perks compared to other similar services

3. Who

3.1. Who benefits

3.1.1. Small, in-house apparel companies who rely on online marketplaces

3.1.2. College students

3.1.3. Parents

3.2. Target audience

3.2.1. College students

3.2.2. Parents of college students

3.2.3. High school students

3.2.4. Go to colleges sports-oriented, love athletics

3.3. Who will needed for the team

3.3.1. Software developers

3.3.2. Hardware developers

3.3.3. Tech-consultants

3.3.4. UX researchers, designers

3.3.5. Product manager?

3.3.6. Marketing team

3.3.7. Partnerships

3.4. Who may be disturbed by idea

3.4.1. Instagram

3.4.2. On-campus clothing stores

4. When

4.1. When launch campaign

4.1.1. Campaign from October-November, 40 days-- app will be developed by summer

4.1.2. App developed by the kick off of college sports seasons

4.1.3. Want campaign to be booming around start of college year

5. Where

5.1. Where will product be available

5.1.1. Online through Apple's App Store

5.1.2. Use barcodes posted around so people can easily download app that way

6. How

6.1. How raise capital?

6.1.1. Rewards-based campaign

6.1.2. Give away discounts on purchases (we take certain % of sellers' profit, discount comes from that)

6.1.3. Partnerships w/ colleges and universities

6.1.4. Free apparel giveaway w/ certain purchases

6.1.5. Use college campus ambassadors to promote app

6.1.6. Help sellers on app be successful: offer consultant services?

6.2. How much capital is necessary?

6.2.1. Around $20,000