Final Major Project Ideas

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Final Major Project Ideas by Mind Map: Final Major Project Ideas

1. What does media mean to you?

2. What impact does media have on your life?

2.1. Different Types of Media

2.2. Effects of Social Media?

2.3. Filming Across London - Southbank, Soho, Leicester Square etc.

2.4. Could interview some people - parents, friends, possibly work?

2.5. Aim is to make the audience aware of their usage of the media - not just stereotypical uses such as their phones and films that they would watch

3. How do you want to live your life?

3.1. An inspiration video designed to help audiences understand how their life choices affect their future

3.2. Possibly a narrative or voice over which carries on through out the entire film

3.3. Aim is to leave audiences with a lingering thought in their minds which will allow them to evaluate themselves and whether they are satisfied with the way that they are living

3.4. Filming to take place across London

3.4.1. Southbank

3.4.2. Soho?

3.4.3. The Shard

3.4.4. Trafalgar Square

3.5. Research into locations would be required and essential to my planning and the success of my production

4. What impact does today's society have on our lives?