Property Rights

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Property Rights by Mind Map: Property Rights

1. The importance and wider context of intellectual property rights and technical standards

1.1. dynamic and innovative industries

1.2. the patents and licensing depends on the industry

2. intellectual property and innovation strategy

2.1. legal methods

2.1.1. require substantial legal expertise

2.2. maximize the protection of intelectual property

2.3. different appropriation methods

2.3.1. type of innovation

2.3.2. process of innovation

2.3.3. firm size

2.3.4. industrial context

2.4. litigation is by no means limited to the realm of copyright.

2.5. copyrights recently become weaker form of protection due to digital transformation of content industries

3. recent developments in intellectual property standards

3.1. international differences

3.2. This will influence the innovation competitive strategies

4. Standart setting innovation strategy

4.1. interoperability standards

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personnel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. technical compatibility

4.2.1. ex post market competition

4.2.2. ex ante cooperative standardization

4.3. standardization strategies