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GLC2O0 Career Studies by Mind Map: GLC2O0 Career Studies

1. Unit 1: Personal Managment

2. Unit 2: Exploration of Opportunities

3. Unit 3: Preparation for Transition and Change

4. Major Idea: Learning style reflection, Multiple Intelligence Comic (Storyboard)

5. Examples: For the learning style reflection we did many surveys to see how we preferred to be taught.

6. Major Ideas: Resume/Cover Letter Multiple Intelligence Comic (Storyboard)

7. Examples: For the resume we researched how to make a resume. After we chose what career we wanted to work at. Finally we made a resume for that company. For the Multiple Intelligence we did surveys and figured out our intelligence for example LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL.

8. Major Idea: For unit 3 we only did career researched.

9. Examples: For unit 3 we researched what career seemed interesting to us. How we researched this was by using My Blueprint. We answered a lot of survey and it matched us with some jobs.