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Reformation by Mind Map: Reformation

1. contrasts

2. European states with the perfectly orderly, reasonable social arrangements of Utopia

3. Martin Luther

3.1. Scholar and Monk

3.2. wrote his

3.2.1. 95 Theses against The Sale of Indulgences nailed to Whittenberg Cathedral

3.3. outlawed in the Holy Roman Empire by

3.3.1. The Edict of Worms "...we forbid anyone from this time forward to dare, either by words or by deeds, to receive, defend, sustain, or favour the said Martin Luther" (RI Charles V, 1521, HRE)

4. Church of England

4.1. similar to

4.1.1. Calvanism created by Jean Calvin

4.2. Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

5. Henry VIII

5.1. tudor dynasty won

5.1.1. The War of Roses

5.2. used the

5.2.1. Act in Restraint of Appeals

5.2.2. Act of Supremacy to divorce Catherine of Aragon Ann Boleyn Jane Seymore And More!!

5.2.3. Act of Succession

5.3. King (1509-1547)

6. Humanism

6.1. Desiderius Erasmus

6.1.1. wrote In Praise of Folly satire regarding

7. Sir. Thomas Moore

7.1. wrote

7.1.1. Utopia

7.2. opposed the Protestant Revolution

7.3. historian, politician, political advisor

7.4. organized movements against

7.4.1. Heretics

8. Geoffrey Chaucer

8.1. wrote

8.1.1. The Canterbury Tales Commentary on English affairs through a novel/story format