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1. Home

1.1. Map

1.1.1. we put the map of bucovina with all places to see on the main page of the website

2. Make your rout

2.1. Window to fill: name, period of stay and select (one or many): history, cultural, adventure, nature, relax, sight seen, main attractions.

2.1.1. Generate rout in a map

2.1.2. Rout Reviews

3. Explore

3.1. Plan your accomodation:

3.1.1. we include: hotels, restaurants, transport/public transport(airplane, car, bus, train), museums, churches Things to do+list We can recommend people in which time of the year to do the activities, due to the weather conditions We can tell if there is any festival around the time and what it is about we add a section, what to do for: families, short breaks, romantic nights, religious tourism, outdoors, indoors, etc we can add a rent a car webpage also if they want to come by plane and rent a car

4. Advertisement

4.1. we can say that we advertise our website through google advrtising and get profit from hotels/restaurants which advertise on our website

4.1.1. top destinations for eating/sleeping/having a spa day/ having a coffee, etc.

5. review section

5.1. a section with remember&share for the tourists to share videos, photos and travel diaries

5.1.1. pictures ordered by the latest and the most popular ( instagram like)

5.1.2. other people should be able to review the pictures, videos and diaries

5.1.3. add a search bar so people can find pictures of the exact place they want to see