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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Mr.McParland: Career Coordinator at MBSS. Mr.McP has helped me successfully apply for a Dual Credit program, hopefully leading to me discovering my passion and potentially a life long career.

2. Dad: Manager at Gorman's mill, will recommend me for a position the mill offers to students doing industrial cleaning.

3. Sibling: My sister is a registered nurse, she's extremely passionate about her work and is always encouraging me to enter the medical field because of the strong connections she has with people in her work environment.

4. Hannah Payne: A good friend of mine the past 4 years, she's already successfully got me two jobs in the past two summers.

5. Mr.Low: Chemistry teacher and rugby coach. Mr.Low is very reliable and consistent. He's always giving really good advice when it comes to time management and completion of tasks.

6. Mr.Taylor: a PE teacher at CNB Middle school, has been a great reference for me and has always put in a good word in for me to potential employers.

7. Mr.Elder: Math teacher at MBSS. Mr.Elder is a great resource for further understanding math concepts and was the one that suggested I look into engineering as a career path.

8. Mrs.Craig: English teacher at CNB Middle school; Mrs.Craig has helped me with numerous resumes and reference in the past.

9. Chris Ovelson: Dual Credit Coordinator; as a third degree contact I've never met him. He is however making a great impact to my education and potentially my future occupation. He's aided me in finding resources for job shadows and led me through numerous application processes.

10. Tattoo Artist at Dynamic Studios: I've only met a few individuals there, once I've completed a portfolio I can had in an application for an apprenticeship.