Gee-App Migration - Data & Tool improvement

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Gee-App Migration - Data & Tool improvement by Mind Map: Gee-App Migration -    Data & Tool improvement

1. Mapping Abilities -16

1.1. Ruler/ multiple rulers

1.2. Print High Resolution Maps in PDF, PNG, JPG etc

1.3. Google Search Address Function

1.3.1. · API's are exposed to query the services available at any given lat/lon, vector (geojson, point+radius, square, etc.) , where I can simply check to see if a given point has access to LTE, Band 4, and what speed (eg. 750Mbps)

1.4. Import/ Export layers

1.4.1. Sites, sectors, HSPA, LTE, best server etc

1.4.2. Formats: xlxs, tab, etc

1.5. Enhanced base Maps

1.5.1. Terrain

1.5.2. Street View

1.5.3. Different Colors of base map

1.6. Live Data readings based on static address

1.6.1. WTTP-WHI Mapping WHI customers (fixed addresses), then providing live readings (RSRP, RTT, speedtests, latency , PRB congestion, spectrum efficiency, DCR)

2. Automated Statistics - 6

2.1. Population Area

2.2. Speed Tests

2.3. Towers, zones, area

2.4. Polygon Selection Pop stats

3. Overall tool production + productivity -20

3.1. Connection Actix1

3.1.1. Pulse, Zones and planners 12months plans, Actix One, drivetests

3.2. Time

3.2.1. On demand upload (or shorter production times)

3.3. Connection with google maps

3.3.1. if it can bring data from google mobile network insights and overlay to the geemap, it will give some good useful information

3.4. Connection to NRM

3.5. Connection to Planet

3.5.1. Easy and automated layer sinchronization from other tools (see problems with actual version).

3.6. Plug-Ins

3.6.1. Planet Server Ntwk 3.0 is designed on Pitney Bowse Spectrum technology, assisted by Geo-Spatial plugins.

3.7. Connection to Ookla

3.8. Connection to Pulse

3.9. Fiber data

3.9.1. FTTH Wireline Integration:

3.9.2. Fiber Paths (NetX)

3.10. Store trade areas (polygon)

3.11. Link of overall map

3.11.1. Functional e-mail link

4. Added Features 3

4.1. Data Saved

4.1.1. keep a history of addresses we searched

4.2. Remove useless layer or at least give us option to remove all layers like landmarks or stores/companies that appear

4.3. features found in Microsoft Paint should be available in the Map so that we don’t need to copy and paste and rely on Microsoft paint to draw objects and write notes.

5. Capacity + Qualified Homes + Connection with Hadoop - 6

5.1. WTTP Capacity & Qualification mapping

5.2. Geeapp linked to Network Big Data to pull WTTP data including qualified homes & installation success/failures

5.3. WTTP Homes connected to Towers, and planned homes connected to towers

5.4. Connection to Hadoop

5.4.1. TTP Link to Hadoop/NBD/IMS for mapping qualified WTTP Homes/FTTH Homes per year

5.5. Ability to see performance of site (sector outages, PRB Utilization, # of WTTP Customer connected at any given moment)