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SMC OKRs by Mind Map: SMC OKRs

1. General Feedback:

1.1. Process:

1.1.1. Goal Setting / Planning Key Collaborators (peers) Managers Reports

1.1.2. Iteration Flip Book; emphasis on updates Versus calendar cycle

2. Offer:

2.1. I can facilitate discussions; individual or in pairs

2.2. Link to 360 process

3. Replace all electric motors with optimal systems

3.1. Design and deploy motor system solutions

3.1.1. Revolutionize product devpt Better Solve super hard engineering problems with innovation Ride Moore's Law tailwinds Faster Prod devpt practices Cheaper First principles sourcing

3.1.2. Amazing scalable, rapidly customizable software platform

3.1.3. Business model innovation e.g. creative revenue models such as SMCaaS, deeper/wholistic solutions such as BOS

3.2. Execute T-Shaped strategy

3.2.1. Breadth Retrofit OEM

3.2.2. Depth Dairy BOS Other...

3.3. Build corporation for the future

3.3.1. Reimagine corp culture and act it out Innovate ways of working Push, challenge, drive growth of each other through deep, trusting relationships grounded in: Continuous learning and safe environment for thoughtful risk taking

3.3.2. Deliver world class customer experience CS: Delivering as promised, NPS, etc. HVAC contractor network for retrofit Scalable project management capability Sales and Marketing:, etc.

3.4. To Categorize:

3.4.1. partnerships