IDP Media Action Projects

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IDP Media Action Projects by Mind Map: IDP Media Action Projects

1. Project 1 - Historical Context

1.1. Create the background setting for this issue/incident using the history

1.2. 1-2 min video

1.2.1. Music

1.2.2. Found media (images, video)

1.2.3. Primary source

1.3. historical context for their problem

1.4. Reflection - how has looking at the history of this issue changed your understanding of it?

2. Project 2 - Primary Source Project

2.1. What is happening now related to this issue?

2.2. Interviews re: an incident or issue

2.3. Looking at people and what they have to say about this

2.4. Your editing is taking what you want from it. Tell a story by mixing what people say

2.5. Find and search a social media feed

2.6. Look into certain publications and their #tags on certain issues/people

2.7. Reflection - why is this relevant to you compared to the primary sources you looked at? Where do YOU fit in this story?

3. Project 3 - Create your own primary sources

3.1. What can you add to this story that hasn't been collected yet?

3.2. Surveys

3.3. Interviews

3.4. Reflections

3.5. Reflection - What role can you play in creating change around this story?

4. 4 - Mash up pieces from your first 3 pieces into action campaigns

4.1. How can you change minds using what you've collected (in 1-3)?

4.2. Get someone to challenge your beliefs

4.3. Contribute to the narrative

4.4. How can you get people to interact with your message?

4.5. Reflection - Were you able to use your voice to make change?

5. Criteria for all Projects

5.1. Authentic research

5.2. Digital storytelling

5.3. Reflection