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Goals by Mind Map: Goals

1. Productivity

1.1. Tidy & Clean

1.1.1. Keep my room & bathroom clean

1.1.2. Have an organised wardrobe

1.2. School

1.2.1. Pack my bag every night before school starts

1.2.2. Make lunch before school

1.3. Daily

1.3.1. Keep track of my spendings on my phone app

1.3.2. Set out a To Do List regularly

1.3.3. Remind myself of my goals as often as I can

1.3.4. Exercise each day as much as I can

2. Dream Body

2.1. Steps

2.1.1. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated

2.1.2. Avoid junk food, dessert, soft drinks

2.1.3. Keep fit and active

2.1.4. Eat nutritious and healthy foods

2.2. Motivation

2.2.1. Keep myself grounded

2.2.2. Accountability: social media & food diary

2.2.3. Take time to visualise my goal and manifest it

2.2.4. Seek inspiration

2.2.5. Look at my vision board daily

2.2.6. Use tools to drive and motivate me

2.2.7. Watch motivational youtube videos

3. Fit & Active

3.1. Short Term Goals

3.1.1. Complete BB 21 Day Pilates Challenge

3.1.2. Get fit enough to walk or jog 10 km

3.1.3. Run for 15 minutes without going out of breath

3.1.4. Be fitter than Ethan at running & soccer

3.1.5. So that I can do a Scorpion

3.2. Motivation

3.2.1. To achieve my dream body

3.2.2. For Summer

3.2.3. To walk around the beach in a bikini

3.2.4. For my Instagram feed

3.2.5. To look better and feel comfortable in my own skin

4. French

4.1. Steps

4.1.1. Listen to French Audiobooks

4.1.2. Read books in French

4.1.3. Do vocabulary quizzes on Drop, Duolingo and other apps

4.1.4. Go on the BCE Website to learn French

4.1.5. Watch movies in French to develop fluency

4.1.6. Talk to people in French on online chatrooms

4.2. Motivation

4.2.1. So I can go to France and speak fluently

4.2.2. To master my third language!

4.2.3. So I can study abroad in Paris

4.2.4. To put it on my Resume and college application

5. Dream Course

5.1. Steps

5.1.1. Gain work experience

5.1.2. Study hard, devote myself to my studies

5.1.3. Be organised, keep on top of my subjects

5.1.4. Have a good study routine and a tidy room

5.2. Motivation

5.2.1. To live my dream life and to have everything I've ever wanted

5.2.2. To become the person I'd aways hoped I become one day

5.2.3. So I can travel the world, study abroad and do whatever I want

5.2.4. Take Mum & Dad to Europe for a holiday

5.2.5. So all the years of hard work will have been worth it