Re-Boot E-Learning

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Re-Boot E-Learning by Mind Map: Re-Boot E-Learning

1. Content

1.1. Who is developing content

1.2. Who should be developing content

1.2.1. What is appropriate?

2. in class

2.1. How can e-learning encourage this?

3. How can we better engage through e-learning?

3.1. What do staff find engaging?

3.2. What do students find engaging?

4. Students with students

4.1. facebook

4.1.1. Is this used to discuss school relevant topics

4.1.2. Is this used to discuss indirect learning

4.2. youtube

4.3. twitter

4.4. email

4.4.1. personal email

4.4.2. wsgfl email

4.5. Do students discuss school work outside of school?

4.5.1. If yes, which students How can we encourage the rest

4.5.2. No Which groups? How can we encourage? what are they doing instead? Do they have access at all? What discourages them?

4.6. Do students discuss school work outside of the classroom?

4.6.1. Would it be an advantage if they did, or do they need this time to stimulate other cognitive areas?

5. Staff to staff

5.1. Within wardenpark

5.1.1. INSET Effective praxis shared Based on 'current' thinking? Is this the only way that WP staff currently share?

5.1.2. house meetings minutes passed via email resources on staff area face to face meeting

5.1.3. morning briefing

5.1.4. CPD notes/resources currently on T: ? How can we knowledge bank staff experience/knowledge/resources How can this be done to improve staff's engagement with CPD & e-learning could this contribute to a more cohesive whole school curriculum? what aspects as relevant to e-learning?

5.1.5. email

5.1.6. weekly newsletter via email / T:

5.1.7. informal discussion Is tacit knowledge being recorded?

5.1.8. corridor electronic displays

5.2. externally

5.2.1. whole school networking Hayward primary 1:1 INSET e.g. G&T email

5.2.2. teacher based networking BETT only ICT via APP meetings Are the results of this recorded? online forums How prolific is this?

6. Staff to students

6.1. Subject based

6.1.1. classroom demonstration extended classroom via homework

6.1.2. Moodle Can Moodle offer an appropriate delivery format Restructure the delivery format complete re-think of style/type of interface

6.1.3. recommending electronic external links

6.2. PLTS

6.2.1. PLTS tuesdays sent out via email / T: Student council notes (wc14/11) suggest students disinterested in PLTS material

6.2.2. classroom based compartmentalised by subject?

6.3. tutor time

6.3.1. quizzes delivered via Moodle

6.3.2. Are students engaged in tutor time?

6.4. corridor electronic displays

6.4.1. is there currently an obvious link between e-learning and the information displayed? does there need to be? Or is there an argument why there should not be? how could the boards be used to further cohesion between e-learning/student independence and a whole school e-learning approach. what would that look like? At the moment the boards are static, talking AT the students. Could they be touch screen based in the future and tie into changes in the e-learning system?

7. students to staff

7.1. Do any students pass on ideas independently?

7.1.1. via email?

7.1.2. 1:1

8. independent students

8.1. what tools are being used

8.1.1. school driven Do we monitor usage?

8.1.2. Own choice: What forms of non-traditional e-learning do students engage in outside of school and are they used instead of school driven resources? if so why? Online Gaming IS this a contributing factor to learning? Games club currently only yr 7/8 (1x/2x girls only - & rarely) Use of social networking Is this used indirectly to learn other skills? Do students engage in school relevant communication? Twitter BBW youtube? Internet factual resources

8.1.3. How could we bring this into the future of school based e-learning?

8.1.4. how can we focus this activity/the recording of this, into school relevant formats? How can we utilise this enthusiasm into tangible benefits for both these AND other students.

9. What platforms are available?

9.1. Moodle up to v 1.9

9.2. Moodle 2

9.3. Frog

9.4. Uniservity

9.5. Open Hive

9.6. Smart Asses

9.7. L Plus

10. Disruptive Technologies

10.1. personal portfolios

10.2. Creation/investigation project based learning

10.3. Jigsaw

10.4. Media creation

10.5. portable/mobile equipment

10.6. The share and embed button

11. What does "cohesion" look like?

11.1. promoting independence?

11.2. promoting/encouraging skills?

11.3. access for all?

11.4. involvement from all?

11.4.1. would 'all' want to be involved?

11.5. integrated into the curriculum?

11.6. driven by those involved?

11.7. created by the those involved?

11.7.1. Should 'all' be resource creating?

11.8. a platform for both student AND staff e-learning - or portfolio based. A repository of skills and knowledge sharing?

11.8.1. New node

11.9. A "cohesive learning environment"

12. New node

13. New node