Friendship Walk 2019

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Friendship Walk 2019 by Mind Map: Friendship Walk 2019

1. Introduction

1.1. Time: Sunday April 07 2019 at 6.30am to 10.30am

1.2. Venue: ioi city mall (west garden), Putrajaya, Malaysia

1.3. Around 5000 people who attend this event

1.4. YB Steven Sim, Deputy minister of Youth & Sports Malaysia who attend to the Skechers Friendship Walk 2019.

1.5. Skechers Friendship Walk is about taking every single moment with your beloved friends and encourages friendship value through showing love and care to the need people.

2. objective of the event

2.1. Part of collection from the ticket sales will be donated to charity organizations for fund-raising purpose.

2.2. Promote healthy social lifestyles

2.3. They had some entertainment

2.3.1. food truck

2.3.2. lucky draw

2.3.3. let the music speak

3. Who operate this event

3.1. YB Steven Sim, Deputy minister of Youth & Sports Malaysia who officiate the Skechers Friendship Walk 2019.

3.2. Orsum Publishing Sdn Bhd who organizer for this event

3.3. The title sponsor is skechers

4. Conclude

4.1. the message from skechers friendship walk was friendship, celebrating friendship amongst friends, colleagues, family, races and Malaysian from all walks of life.

4.2. we should all be ambassadors of friendship. when a small group of extremists are spreading hatred, let us spread friendship and love.