AOE April 2019 Inner Circle New Product Info Sequence

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AOE April 2019 Inner Circle New Product Info Sequence by Mind Map: AOE April 2019 Inner Circle  New Product Info Sequence

1. The purpose of this is to weed out people that are interested to know more, we're not trying to sell anything here.

1.1. We are looking to get people to raise their virtual hand to let us know they're interested

1.2. Once we know they're interested we can add them to a more targeted custom audience

1.3. The webpage should not do any selling it should be information rich and discuss lots of benefits and uses for the product to cover the broadest possible number of interested people

2. Step 1 Facebook ad to info rich webpage

2.1. Step 2 People that go to your webpage show them a video with captions

2.1.1. Step 3 People that watch 50% of the video send them to a landing page that sells the product through a 2 step URL Here's where the rubber hits the road! A coupon based sale is the best strategy here to get them to take action Remember that they don't know you from a bar of soap yet so anything you can do to grease the wheels is good; eg free shipping, 100% refunds etc

2.1.2. Again our purpose here is to continue to refine the audience of people that we target

2.1.3. The captions are VERY important, the majority of people don't turn the sound up

2.1.4. Your video(s) should continue to educate the market and show before and afters and product in use and as much social proof as you can find

2.2. The targeting here should be very broad to capture a large group of people, your ad should be "reach" so that you can put your advert in front of a lot of people so they can self select that they're interested

2.2.1. I try to target at least 500K people at this stage, all age ranges to give Facebook the best chance to get lots of views of my ad

2.2.2. I try to run ads that are very different and push different hot buttons again I want to broadly target my market with different hot buttons to see what gets traction. Right now I am ignorant I'm trying to educate myself and learn what works


3.1. Set up promo codes (remember to factor in the amount you can spend properly so you're not paying to make sales

3.1.1. The amount of coupon codes you set up should reflect the number of campaigns and variations you have so you can track things, so here we have 3 steps so we need at least 3 coupon codes

3.2. Leadpages

3.2.1. You'll need a landing page for 2 of the steps, the main info page and the 2 step sales process at the end

3.3. Facebook

3.3.1. Custom Audiences - you'll need to set up your custom audiences ready for action

3.3.2. Facebook pixel - you should be familiar with how to instal the FB pixel on your leadpage

3.3.3. Set Up your hashtags ready to go for your advert (if using)

3.3.4. Collect your favorite emoji's to use in your FB ad

3.4. Video

3.4.1. set up at least 1 video for step 2 of the sales process, just use stock footage for this if you like (it's cheaper) OR shoot one yourself (this is by far the best way) imovie, camtasia, screenflow, windows movie maker, All your video needs in one place | Clipchamp Or