CASTER - Playbook

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CASTER - Playbook by Mind Map: CASTER - Playbook

1. On a scale of 1-10 how interested are you in getting Lasik?

1.1. 0-1

1.2. 2-6

1.2.1. What’s keeping you from being a 9 or 10? Cost, fear or something else entirely? Cost That’s totally understandable… cost is a concern for many of our patients before getting Lasik! Fear That’s totally understandable. Most of our patients struggled with the thought of having a procedure performed on their eyes at first... Both Let me first address the cost:

1.3. 7-8

1.4. 9-10

2. First follow up: After period of inactivity after positive response

2.1. Hi {NAME}, did you get my last message? I’m asking since sometimes the texts don’t go through…

3. Second follow up: Day after positive response

3.1. Hi {NAME}, I just wanted to check in with you to make sure this doesn't fall through the cracks :) Are you still interested in scheduling a Lasik screening?

4. Other questions: Reference FAQ Library

5. Test