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GOALS by Mind Map: GOALS

1. I want to get married

1.1. Because I believe in true love and I want to have a family.

1.2. I want to get married in seven years.

1.3. I want to marry in the church or on the beach.

2. Learn Portuguese

2.1. Because that language is one of my favorites and I want to go to Brazil and there speak Portuguese

2.2. I hope to learn this language before graduating, maybe in two years.

2.3. Studying in Duolingo, reading, writing and practicing

3. Travelling

3.1. Because I want to know other places and take photos.

3.2. When I finish my career and get a job I want to travel a lot, maybe in four years.

3.3. I'll work so hard to get money, visit Colombia and countries like Brazil, Spain, France and others.

4. Finish my career

4.1. Because when I was little I wanted to be a social communicator and journalist.

4.2. I finished my career in three years.

4.3. Doing my jobs and giving my best.

5. To get a job.

5.1. Because I want to put into practice what I learned in the university.

5.2. I want to get a job in three years.

5.3. Searching and sending life sheets.