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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. criteria A

1.1. global context

1.1.1. I think the global context that strongly relates to Personal and Cultural Expressions. This is because of the main idea that some people in our country intend not to vote even though they maybe be 18+ or have a Voter ID card.

1.2. why

1.2.1. The main reason I think as to why a small part of the public doesn’t vote is either because: They think one vote means nothing They are lazy They don’t have a voter ID card They’re underage It’s summer, and they don’t want to go outside.

1.3. aim

1.3.1. The main aim/goal here is to spread awareness and change behaviors and inform people about voting and persisting them to vote, and this impact should reach to at least most of the areas of Gujarat or Ahmedabad.

1.4. questions

1.4.1. Necessities for a Voter ID card: One passport sized photograph. Identity proof Address proof How to vote: You can vote only if your name is shown on the voting list. Voters can also find information on Polling Booths, Contesting candidates, Election Dates & Timings, Identity cards and EVM. Where to vote: Voters can go to or use Voter Helpline App to find their polling booth Voters can call the Voter Helpline, the number is 1950 Why to vote: Voting is probably one of the greatest invention in the humankind, it lets you open up and gives the freedom to choose our candidate, voters tend to play a huge role in shaping the future of the Government and in turn of themselves. Voting helps people by providing them an opportunity to voice their opinion and vote for what they trust in. The most important reason as to why you should vote is because the outcome of the election can impact the country’s economic, the lives of the public in many ways such as: Personal freedoms Taxes

2. criteria B

2.1. the images and the description is mentioned in the report, I can't add it here

3. criteria C

3.1. groups

3.1.1. One group being the ILLITERACY group which was supposed to spread awareness about voting from voting because today atleast 1 in 10 people are completely unaware about voting and the process of voting. This group targets those people and spreads awareness about voting so that they can be knowledgeable and informative about it, so thus when next time someone asks them about voting, they’re fully prepared. The illiteracy group also makes sure that the message is conveyed in an easy decipherical manner so as not to confuse them.

3.1.2. The second being I DON’T CARE group, were supposed to give out information to the people, using their voice through the radio station, who although knowing what voting is and its process, remain unconscious about it and don’t really care about their vote. There are a few people, ie, 2 in 10 people, who have their voting cards and everything sorted shall still not go out and vote, unlike the illiteracy group whose main focus is on the people who are unaware about voting, I don’t care group focuses on the main aspects as to why do people don’t vote and how to convince them to vote.

3.2. station

3.2.1. Radio Nazariya 107.8 Mhz is a community radio station, founded in 2010 by Drishti who believes that the station ought to be a non-profit based in Ahmedabad, via radio nazariya, many elderly people, the lower and middle groups tune in to listen to it. This station is Ahmedabad’s first station creating a platform to discuss and debate on issues that matter.

4. criteria D

4.1. Nazariya radio station is one of the most amazing radio station for a lifelong experience which not only lets you share messages but also gives you a freedom which probably not all the radio stations give. This project has helped me find an insight into how things work and how details are planned with accuracy.

4.2. I’ve never worked with any radio shows before and this project helped me find things which intrigue me and helps me grow as a person around my peers.

4.3. I’d joined Hindi a few months after the project had started which sort of let me back but I got on the same level with my peers which made me feel more confident and self-assured because it felt like I was missing on alot of things.

4.4. Later as we proceeded, we had to face alot of challenges because no one, including me, was getting time during the holidays which made it difficult to work through, but somehow we all managed to get things done on time.