Molecules to metabolism

Molecules to metabolism. A brief summary. In progress. Lots of links still to be added.

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Molecules to metabolism by Mind Map: Molecules to metabolism

1. Carbohydrates

1.1. Monosaccharides

2. Lipids

2.1. Generalised structure of fatty acid

3. Enzymes

3.1. Without them metabolic reactions would not happen fast enough to sustain life.

3.2. Digestive Enzymes are catabolic enzymes

4. Proteins

4.1. Generalised structure of amino acid

5. Anabolic

5.1. Condensation reactions

5.2. Example: amino acids being joined by peptide bonds into polypeptides by ribosomes with the release of water

6. Catabolic

6.1. Hydrolysis Reactions

6.2. Example: Maltose is broken down by Maltase into 2 glucose monomers with the splitting of water.