My favorite color

MY favorite color

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My favorite color by Mind Map: My favorite color

1. If some asked me : " what is your favorite color ?" and this is my answer : blue is my favorite

1.1. I love blue for many fllowwing reason

2. Blue has much different meaning among national and culture

2.1. for example: in the USA , blue means loneliness depression and sadness , while in other countries blue represent for trust , safety and hope .

2.2. this is , why many banks in the USA as Citi and Bank often use blue in their logos

3. Blue is also on of the color found in the people's eyes .

3.1. the blue represent s both the sky and the sea

3.2. it is the color used as the backdrop for the flower explode especielly oranger and yellow flower

3.3. for example : the color blue makes me happy . It is reminds me of the blue sky when there are no clouds and pollution. i think about the beaches Nha TRang City

4. I also love many other color , but with this question , the above are reason why I like it .