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1. Is a guide

1.1. Destinate to

1.1.1. Tourist

1.1.2. Explorer

1.2. Propose

1.2.1. Alternative Tour

1.3. objectifs

1.3.1. Exploration

1.3.2. Explanation

1.4. Concept

1.4.1. Walk / Create

1.4.2. Explore without Map

1.4.3. Generative Art

2. Trace (after)

2.1. Travelling Book

2.1.1. Ebooks Montage Serie

2.2. Photographie

2.2.1. Collage

2.3. Retranscription of time

3. How find the Application

3.1. in Situ

3.1.1. QR Code

3.2. website

3.2.1. Create an Interface to rearange data

3.2.2. Create a library

3.2.3. Social Network

4. platform

4.1. Wifi

4.2. Without 3G

4.2.1. =freedom, untracability

4.3. Open Source

4.3.1. Share your Exploration Public Freemium Private Premium

4.3.2. Create a Data Bank


5.1. Avatar

5.1.1. Take à Picture Portrait Time Space

5.1.2. Meeting Friend Find your friends near you Opposite people Others,, Mass

5.1.3. Define the mood of the day Symbolize by a color

5.2. Date

5.2.1. Use different Calendar Religion National School Events

5.2.2. Weather Luminosity ISO Temperature Layer

5.2.3. Real Time Past time Future Bot

5.3. object

5.3.1. Se repèrer avec les objets Mobile Object Chair Garbage Abandonned Object Fix Object lamp Sofa letter Box ....

5.3.2. decline Two property of Object Color Shape Create an association with other picture

5.4. Sound*

5.4.1. Optionnal


5.5.1. Location You are Here Real Time Position Departure Destination Itinirary coordinate UTM Altitude

5.5.2. Surface X+Y decline the property of the ground surface (Horizontal surfaces) Color Solid Liquid Natural Made by human Condition to choose your shoes X+Y+Z= Architecture Temporary Architecture Historical Architecture Mobile Architecture Infrastructure Z Trouver des surfaces verticale Advertisement Surface Wall Protection Empty Wall Wall building Separation wall

5.5.3. Type Of Space

6. Real time

6.1. Application

7. Is a generator to plan an itinary


8.1. Oi