Education Change to be fit for the 21st C.

Future of Education to meet 21st C

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Education Change to be fit for the 21st C. by Mind Map: Education Change to be fit for the 21st C.

1. Environmental Considerations

1.1. Develop skilled educators in environment sustainability

1.2. Education incentives & pathways for innovation sustainability

1.3. Glodam partnerships to share & collaborate ideas & resources

2. Demographic Considerations

2.1. Build capacity & resources for multi language education delivery in all schools for students & parental learning

2.2. Allied Health education

2.3. Tele conference resources & Remote communication training for rural remote & elderley

3. Technological Considerations

3.1. Develop teachers to educate and skill students in the field

3.2. Re education programs for workers replaced by robots

3.3. Cyber security training & education pathways

3.4. Glodal learning platforms to share resources and encourage collaboration & innovation

3.5. Develop technological education habitats in every education institue & share these resources with community engagement