Special Education

Laura Alonso Brainstorm Map for Practicum in Special Education

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Special Education by Mind Map: Special Education

1. Professional Responsibilities and Ethics

1.1. Ensure every child under your care receives the best possible attention and services

1.2. Treat parents and students with respect

1.3. Treat co-workers with respect and dignity, treat others how I would want to be treated

2. Personal Philosophy Surrounding Special Education

2.1. Every child is important and every child is worthy of a good education

2.2. Every parent/guardian should be included in their child's education and planning for their future

2.3. Every child can learn, they just might need some help finding the way that works best for them.

3. Importance of Collaboration and Team Building

3.1. It is important to listen to all members of the team because they might have valuable information that could help the student

3.2. It is important to build a team that trusts one another because they can help you in times of need or help explain a tough situation to you

3.3. Everyone has a different perspective or life experience that you might not have had, and their experience could be very valuable to the situation at hand