School Organization Map

School Organization Map- BC

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School Organization Map by Mind Map: School Organization Map

1. Public Schools

1.1. BCCPAC (BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils)

1.2. Public School Districts

1.2.1. BCSTA (BC School Trustees Association)

1.2.2. BCSSA (British Columbia Superintendents Association)

1.2.3. BCASBO (BC Association of School Business Officials)

1.3. BCPVPA (BC Principals' and Vice Principals' Association)

1.4. BCTF (BC Teacher Federation)

1.5. BCPSEA (BC Public School Employers' Association)

2. First Nations Schools

2.1. FNSA (First Nations Schools Association of BC)

3. Independent Schools

3.1. FISABC (Federation of Independent School Associations of British Columbia)

4. BC Offshore Schools

5. FNESC (First Nations Education Steering Committee)

6. Ministry of Education

6.1. TRB (Teacher Regulation Branch)

6.1.1. TQS (Teacher Qualification Services)

6.2. BCCT (BC College of Teachers)