Business in Socialism

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Business in Socialism by Mind Map: Business in Socialism

1. Limitations

1.1. Business owners would not be able to make their own money

2. Creativeness

2.1. The creators of the business would most likely not be able to create something they like. They would have to create something that is approved by their authority.

3. Income

3.1. The employers and employees would be working for nothing pretty much. They would be limited and have to give everything to their government.

4. Rights

4.1. The rights to the company created would not belong to the creator, nor would their goods or employees. It would all contribute to their authority figures.

5. Goods and Products

5.1. Goods and products would be owned by the government, not the owner of the company

6. Workers

6.1. All workers would be employed by the socialist government, not the "employer." Also, the workers would not be making any money from the people they actually work for.