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Digital Story Storyboard by Mind Map: Digital Story Storyboard

1. Part One: Introduction

1.1. Introduce myself: name, student, major, etc.

1.1.1. maybe include snippet of screencast project

1.2. Explain purpose of video

1.2.1. Why I have my passion for literature and some of my favorite books (and why they're my favorite)

1.3. transition to next part

2. Part Two: Why I Love Literature

2.1. Talk about personal history with reading

2.2. Talk about experience with English teachers

2.3. transition to next part

3. Part Three: My Favorite Books

3.1. Include picture of each book

3.2. Explain why they're favorites

3.3. transition to next part

4. Part Four: Conclusion and References

4.1. Thank audience

4.2. Include text of references for images and screencast