Does technology improve business

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Does technology improve business by Mind Map: Does technology improve business

1. This article wants to target what leads to success among business and customer relations. The scholars, like the others, want to see what exactly drives the adaption of IT. And what factors make it so successful compared to other ones. The end goal is to find what makes business the most successful when technology is implemented.

2. This article investigates what factors go into businesses adapting to technology smoothly. The scholars who wrote this conclude one of the main driving factor of IT adaption is the customers. And the managers are the ones who are responsible for the smooth implementation.

3. The scholars who wrote this article believe 'technovation' will have a positive effect on small business and the commercial side of small business. But they also believe that implementing technology into business can be difficult because of the learning curve

4. TBI's are a type of mechanism that has been implemented into business to help improve the efficiency in a business environment. TBI is more commonly found in technology based firms (TBF), and continue to present opportunity and rich research. The authors of this article are, SarfrazMiana, WadidLamineb, and AlainFayollec

5. This article reviews both sides of the debate. Many people argue technology is costly, and slows down productivity. So the beginning of this article targets this argument. Then later transitions into into the benefits, and how much more precise technology in business management is.

6. The scholars of this article believe that mobile technology with the combination of business helps lead to higher levels of performance. The authors of this article are, Hsiu-PingYueha,Ming-HsinLua, and WeijaneLinb. They conducted a study using 629 employees.

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