LEED-AP Credential Reporting Guide

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LEED-AP Credential Reporting Guide by Mind Map: LEED-AP Credential Reporting Guide

1. Glossary

1.1. Activity Delivery Method

1.1.1. Designates one of the 8 allowable ways you can earn continuing education hours

1.2. Prescriptive requirements

1.2.1. Topic categories in which your hours have to be distributed if you've opted in to the LEED-AP with specialty credential after earning the original LEED-AP credential. These don't apply after your first reporting period, or if you took a test for the new credential.

1.3. ERB

1.3.1. Education Review Body--a title previously conferred on USGBC, but now defunct as GBCI does it's own education reviews

1.4. Activity Content Type

1.4.1. LEED-specific or General. Six of the 30 required hours must be designated LEED-specific, meaning the directly address LEED implementation related to the topic.

2. Resources

2.1. GBCI's Credential Maintenance Program Guide

2.2. Useful GBIC Tutorial video (25 minutes)

3. Three categorization requirements:

3.1. Content category, a.k.a. "Prescriptive Requirement"

3.2. Activity Delivery Method: approved course, live presentation, self-study, project participation, etc.

3.3. General or "LEED-specific"

4. Steps:

4.1. 1. Log in to "My Credentials"

4.2. 2. Click on "Review/Report CMP Activity"

4.3. 3. Pick a Category in the reporting table, and click on "Add/Review."

4.4. 4. Complete the required fields.

4.4.1. Activity Date

4.4.2. Subcategory

4.4.3. Activity Delivery Method Approved activities (no hour limit) Live presentations (not pre-approved, limit 5 hours) Self-study (limit 5 hours) College and university courses (no hour limit) Certificates, professional licenses, and credentials (no hour limit) Committee and volunteer work (limit 4 hours) Authorship (no limit) LEED project participation (10 hours max)

4.4.4. Activity Description: A narrative of what the activity covered.

4.4.5. Activity Details: Course name and program it was part of.

4.4.6. Activity Content Type: General or "LEED-specific"

4.4.7. CE Hours

4.5. 5. Click "submit"

4.6. 6. Return to the CMP summary and repeat for another activity. Also, if your activity fits in more than one category, you can repeat steps 3 and 4 until you've distributed the hours across all the appropriate categories.

4.7. 7. When you have enough hours in each category and that qualify as LEED-specific, you can apply to renew your credential.