Individual differences in L2 acquisition

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Individual differences in L2 acquisition by Mind Map: Individual differences in L2 acquisition

1. Intrinsic

2. Instrumental:

3. Motivation:

4. Integrative

5. Resultative

6. Rote Language Ability:

7. Inductive Language Learning Ability:

8. And possibly on how INTERLANGUAGE develops.

9. Phonemic Coding Ability:

10. Social factores to do with the context of learning, have an effect on how successful individual L2 learners are.

11. Learners personalities can influence the degree of anxiety they experience when learning and using L2.

12. Components of language aptitude:

13. Grammatical Sensitivity:

14. The ability to identify the sounds...

15. The ability to recognize the grammatical functions of words in sentences...

16. The ability to identify relations between form and meaning...

17. The ability to form and remember associations between stimuli...

18. Motivation is the cause of L2 achievement. However, it is possible that motivation is the result of learning.

19. Learners may make efforts to learn an L2 for some functional reason. Ex: Job, pass an examinatione, etc.

20. Learn a particular L2 because of the culture and and/or people that are represented by the target language group.

21. In some learning situations , it may not be learners' general reasons for learning an L2 that are crucial in determining their motivation.