Gabby's Personal network

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Gabby's Personal network by Mind Map: Gabby's Personal network

1. Friend Alex : addends university of Victoria and could tell me about all there great programs and what they have to offer

2. Grandparents: Property owners/ part owners of Coldwell banking know lots about going into business and could give me some good information if I want to go into that line of work

3. My sister: works for Starbucks in kelowna bc and could help me understand what it takes to become an employee there.

4. Dad: Owns car dealership, Elite Auto centre and knows many people in large businesses that I could in the future come in contact with

5. Mom: volunteers for the committee of JDRF and could get me a possible position as a volunteer

6. Cousin: works for eldrodo so she could put in a good word for me if i apply

7. Amber: School Volleyball coach Know lots about volleyball programs and scholarships along with requirements to help build my understanding of what it would take

8. Mrs.Green: school counsellor knows lots about different academic programs and could help guide me into options

9. Trinity church: Has many opportunities for me to get info about volunteering in missions trips

10. Dr. Duncan: Paediatrician so I could ask if I could job shadow him for a day.

11. Raquel: family friend that has young children for me to get the chance to babysit

12. Neighbours down the road: Have 2 dogs but work a lot so I could ask about a dog walking job

13. Kira : My friends mom is a painter and could give me a job in the summer helping with basic sanding and painting