Under aged drinking in high school

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Under aged drinking in high school by Mind Map: Under aged drinking in high school

1. Introduce the topic to the viewers

1.1. Welcome the viewers

1.2. Provide brief background about the topic: Underaged drinking in high school

1.3. Note the fact that all sources have been cited on the references page for further clarification

2. Provide information on the statistics of drinking that occurs

2.1. Show the causes of what causes students to drink when they are underage

3. The video will be created using WeVideo

3.1. Professional Theme

3.2. Introduction will be 1 minute

3.3. show images of high school students drinking

3.4. show images of wrecked cars and alcohol

3.5. thought provoking tone at the end

4. Explain how parties, stress and peer pressure leads to students drinking too early

4.1. Underaged drinking increases risk of car accidents as well as deaths from overdose

5. Fictional character named steven that goes to a party after his schools football game

5.1. Steven doesnt go to many parties but he went to this one because his friends made him feel like he had to go

5.2. There is a lot of drinking at this party and it leads to many of the students becoming drunk

5.3. stevens friends get into a car in order to get some food for the party abd it leads to them getting into a crash

5.4. Steven wakes up the next day hungover and finds out that his friends have past