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Story Board by Mind Map: Story Board

1. Media

1.1. Video

1.1.1. The video will include a mix of images and video of a mathematical lesson I will be teaching. This mathematical lesson will include finding the slope in a graph

1.2. Scenes and Props

1.2.1. Props used will be a white board for video parts and pictures for references for the slope

1.3. Images

1.3.1. Images used will show the graph and slope being used for the equation

1.4. Audio

1.4.1. All audio will be of me talking with nice music in the background

2. Text

2.1. Close Captions for speaking parts

3. Transitions and Effects

3.1. The effects will include special effects like overlays and filters. Transitions will be fades or clockwise change of screen.

4. References

4.1. These will be the examples of finding the slope formula and how to teach it