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Kota's MAP by Mind Map: Kota's MAP

1. Culture

1.1. Music

1.1.1. Queen Freddy Mercury Why did he compose a song after getting HIV?

1.2. Art

1.2.1. Da Vinci Monna Lisa Why did she become so famous?

1.3. Language

1.3.1. English How difference is it between American English and British English?

2. Lifestyle

2.1. Food

2.1.1. Rice How many kinds does rice have? I need reserch how many kinds rice has. The reason why I want to reserch this is because I always eat rice and I'm interested in food.

2.1.2. Bread How do other countries eat breads?

2.2. Sports

2.2.1. Basketball Michael Jordan What was his attitude to basketball like?

2.3. Electricity

2.3.1. Wind power generation How much electricity can one windmill generate? I need reserch how much electricity one windmill can generate. The reason why I want to reserch this is because I don't know about wind power generation.

2.3.2. Solor power generation Is the distance of the sun related?

3. History/Politics

3.1. War

3.1.1. Pacific War Japan Why did Japan change superiority from inferiority? America Why did America go on Okinawa?

3.2. Olympic

3.2.1. Tokyo Olympic Why did Olympic hold in looser?

3.3. Space

3.3.1. Earth Flat Earth How did people of those days feel the horizon which looks curved? Spherical Earth Did people of those days understand this theory?

3.4. Politician

3.4.1. Martin Luther King.Jr. How did white person feel by his speech? I need reserch how people felt by his speech. The reason why I want to reserch this is because I read a book which is written about him before.