Urban Planning

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Urban Planning by Mind Map: Urban Planning

1. Daily life of a planner

1.1. Work

1.2. Plan

1.3. GIS

1.4. Choose Sector

2. Academic Life

2.1. School of Geographic Information and Urban Planning

2.1.1. GIS classes

2.1.2. Planning classes

2.1.3. Community outreach work

2.1.4. Internships

2.1.5. Dedication

2.1.6. Passion

3. Purpose of the video

3.1. Visualizing the purpose of my weebly page on Urban Planning into a digital story. The video will contain themes and content from all of my website.

4. First Image

4.1. Get a visual idea of urban planning

5. About Me (the Urban Planner!)

5.1. Insert image of myself in front of SGSUP school

5.2. Why I chose urban planning

6. The Question to Unfold:

6.1. What is urban planning?

6.2. Why do we need urban planners?

6.3. What do planners do?

7. References

7.1. City. n.d. [Picture]. Mind Meister.