Agile Testing Method,Techniques and Tools

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Agile Testing Method,Techniques and Tools by Mind Map: Agile Testing Method,Techniques and Tools

1. Agile Testing Methods

1.1. Test Driven Development

1.1.1. IS used to develop code guided by automated test cases . test written are primarily unit level and are code focused tests may also be written at the integration and system level . EX Programing , some times sequential life cycles help developers focus on clearly defined expected results these tests are automated and used in continuous integration

1.2. Accepance Test Driven Development

1.2.1. create acceptance criteria and test during the creation of user stories . collaborative approach create reusable tests for regression tests allows quick resolution of defect and validation of feature behavior

1.3. Behavior Driven Development

1.3.1. allows the developer to test the code based on the expected behavior of the software other team members can understand given/when/then format generate code that can be used by developer to create test cases . help developer create accurate unit tests focus on business needs on collaborative

1.4. The Test Pyramid

1.4.1. having large number of tests at the lower levels

1.5. Testing Quadrants

1.5.1. Q1 unit level technology facing

1.5.2. Q2 system level business facing

1.5.3. Q3 user acceptance level business facing

1.5.4. Q4 operational acceptance level technology facing

1.6. The role of tester

1.6.1. Team Work

1.6.2. Sprint Zero

1.6.3. Integration

1.6.4. Test Planning

1.6.5. Agile Testing Practices Pairing Incremental Test Design Mind Maping

2. Assessing Quality Risks

2.1. product/quality risk

2.1.1. Incorrect Calculations in Report

2.1.2. Slow response to user input

2.1.3. Difficulty in understanding Screens

2.2. project/planning risk

2.3. Quality risk analysis Process

2.3.1. Gather the team

2.3.2. list the backlog

2.3.3. identify quality risk

2.3.4. assess each identified risk

2.3.5. determine the extent of required test

2.3.6. select best required techniques

3. Estimating Test Effort .

3.1. Planning poker consensus based technique