Housekeeping contract

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Housekeeping contract by Mind Map: Housekeeping contract

1. Shopping

1.1. There should be one big shopping, based on the weekly menue, once a week. Complementary shopping may be done based on needs.

2. Cleaning

2.1. Cleaning of the house is done once weekly. The 4th cleaning is to be complete and thorough. (Should not exede 6 hours). A lighter and quicker cleaning is expected the 3 first week of the cycle. Time used should not excede 4 hours. Daily cleaning is to be maintained to keep to Scandinavian standard and rutines for making the daily cleaning easy is to be found in cooperation between Tor and Salim.

2.2. The housekeeper is responsible for organizing all inventory in the kitchen and clothes cabinets, including the bathrooms.

2.3. Cleaning is to be carried out in a manner of minimum disturbance to the house owner and guests.

3. Purchasing

3.1. The houskeeper is responsible for all houshold shopping and will be entrusted for money to cover a month. This amount is to be set in collaboration between Tor and Salim.

3.2. One weekly big shopping is to be planned by the housekeeper. The housekeeper may try out new foods on his own initiative - within reason. Shopping should be focused on healthy food and finding the best price for this. The housekeeper is to keep tabs on what is needed and buy this on his own initiative. It is expected that the housekeeper knows the households normal goods and to see to it that the normal foods and products are available in the house at all times.

4. Cooking

4.1. Weekly menue

4.1.1. This is the houskeepers responsibility in cooperation with Tor.

4.2. Always the 3 main foodgroops in the dinner. Proteins (meat & beans), vegetables, minimum 4 different vegetables in every dinner. And rice, potatoes or lentils.

4.2.1. Cooking dinner every day except cleaning day

4.2.2. Learn about cooking on YouTube and find new prescriptions focused on healthy food. It is expected that the housekeeper takes his own initiative into this reasearch.

4.2.3. Research online to learn about healthy food menues. 1 new meny every week

4.2.4. Always have two good and complete dinner in the freezer.

4.2.5. Cook for one meal only. Fresh dinners every day. When this collides with other plans, the frozen dinners will be used

5. House rules for behaviour

5.1. Friendlyness and an attitude of service is the basic houskeeper standard.

5.2. Aggressive attitude and angry words are not allowed. Any problems or conflicts are to be solved through harmonious and relaxed conversation. Tor will when needed use Action Methods to solve such problems. Any anger that arises is to be shut down or the angry party leaves the room to cool down. All conflicts are to be talked through until a reconciliation is reached. When needed as soon as possible after cooling down.

5.3. If the houskeeper has a bad day, this must be communicated to Tor in a relaxed and friendly manner.

5.4. The houskeeper must decide which day the weekly menu planning takes place. The weekly shopping should be on the following day.

5.5. The housekeeper is expected to maintain flexibility to changes in routines and times. The contents of this contract is valid no matter which changes in normal routine happens with a quick and friendly adaptation to the situation, and with a prompt response.

6. Money

6.1. The houshold budget is as follows: rent 800 euro, electricity 100 euro, water 100 euro, wi-fi 70 euro, insurance 10 euro. Food budget 600 euro, payment to the houskeeper 250 euro - all pr month. The sum total of this is about 2000 euro pr month. This is the maximum limit allowed.

6.2. Salary and compensation. The housekeeper receives up to 250 euro pr month to cover all personal needs outside the household definition. Payment weekly or monthly as is wanted by the housekeeper. The realistic value of the housekeepers part of the household would be 400 euro rent, including water and electricity. 35 euro for wi-fi and 3-400 euro for food and household articles. This means the monetary value of the housekeepers salary is 800 euros plus 250 euro in personal compensation. Totally expenses paid to the housekeeper is 1050 euro pr month. This is the real value of this contract for the housekeeper.

7. Visitors

7.1. Visitors are to be treated with a smile and a friendly attitude. The housekeeper is expected to follow this contract during visitation with flexibility and service mindedness.