Target || Young Justice S1

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Target || Young Justice S1 by Mind Map: Target || Young Justice S1

1. Ch.15- Sportsmaster: Part two

1.1. Jade wakes up from the mind simulation, shook. They find themselves in an underground warehouse in Afghanistan, the first destination they were supposed to go to. They didn't discover much, but in the end, Sportsmaster managed to get away with these types of drugs, but Wally got a sample of the stuff before he could totally get away.The chapter ends when Robin reveals what it is.

1.2. Scopolamine is often referred to as the most dangerous drug in the world. Mainly prevalent in South America, the drug is used to commit the perfect crime — while under the influence of Scopolamine, someone could convince you to willingly withdraw and give away your life savings from your bank account, but you would wake up and remember nothing.

1.3. What’s particularly unsettling is that anyone could be unknowingly sent under Scopolamine’s strong spell within seconds. The drug comes in a powder form, and according to a documentary by VICE, people have been known to ask for directions and pull out a map sprinkled with the drug, or hand over a drug-soaked business card. Then, with just a quick blow of the powder into the victim’s face, he or she will lose all power of free will.

1.4. Scopolamine, also known as burundanga, is derived from nightshade plants. The drug is odorless and tasteless, and in high amounts, can be lethal.

2. Ch.16- The Devil's breath

2.1. Before Sportsmaster got the chance to leave Afghanistan, the team beat him there and fought him head-on. Then he threw one of the vials on the ground to release a sickly yellow-colored smoke, and tried to flee again. Robin was all like, "Don't breath in the gas!" To help in the situation, Wally created a small tornado to chase the gas away. He stuck an egotistic hero pose, only to clutch his head in pain right after releasing the cyclone of wind. He doubled over, sweated profusely and collapsed. He had indeed inhaled the gas.

2.2. "The Devil's breath," Sportsmaster said before he started to escape with his cargo.

2.3. And, guess what? He succeeded. Wally, still unconscious, didn't wake up until they reached their second destination: Metropolis. He had no recollection of the night, including the time where he met Jade. Superman came to their aid, and managed to reassure them that he didn't intake a too big of a portion of the gas for the side effects to be lethal. But there was no way he could get his lost memories back. P.S. It would be funny to see Wally flirt with Jade all over again.