’’Snowplow Parents are ruining adulthood for their children’’

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’’Snowplow Parents are ruining adulthood for their children’’ by Mind Map: ’’Snowplow Parents are ruining adulthood for their children’’

1. Parents assume that they’re doing the right thing. ’’Parents understand that going to a highly prestigious college brings with long-lasting advantaged’’ -David McCullough. or ’’snowplow parents know it’s problematic -but because of privilege or peer pressure or anxiety about their children’s futures, they do it anyway.

2. Question

2.1. ’’If children have never faced an obstacle, what happens when they get into the real world?’’

3. Point of View

3.1. The article was written in the favour of psychologists, sociologists, authors, directors and teachers. Based on their experience with students who lack independence that they aren't capable of making it into the ’real world’

4. Information

4.1. In a poll by the New York Times, for parents with children between 18-28, 3/4 still make appointments for their children and 11% contact their child’s employer when an issue occurred.

5. Inferences

5.1. ’’Many young people are in crisis, lacking these problem-solving skills and experiencing record rates of anxiety’’

6. Concept

6.1. ’’Snowplow parents are ruining adulthood for their children’’ discuses the lack of independence that the children have and how students rely on their parents in every inconvenience that they face.

7. Implications

7.1. ’’Learning to solve problems, take risks and overcome frustration are crucial in life skills---if parents don’t let their children encounter failure, the children won't acquire them.’’

8. Assumptions

9. Purpose

9.1. The purpose of this article is to create awareness on ’’snowplow parenting’’ and it’s dangers on the children and their lack of independence.