Opportunities from the Capitalist Economic System

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Opportunities from the Capitalist Economic System by Mind Map: Opportunities from the Capitalist Economic System

1. Living Standards of the Poor

1.1. Millions of Europeans fled behind the iron curtain to America for the high quality of economic opportunity.

1.2. The United States poor versus Eastern Europe poor.

1.3. In the U.S. poor Americans have their own homes, own television sets, more likely to own an auto mobile than the average Western European.

2. Without Capitalism In the U.S.

2.1. Limited goods available.

2.2. Little opportunity for the poor/lower class to advance up in status.

3. "Last 100 years, neither socialist nor Third World experiments have performed as well in improving the lot of common people, paid higher wages and more broadly multiplies liberties and opportunities" (Novak)

4. Inalienable rights

4.1. Capitalism gives citizens the right to create and invent.

4.2. the habit of employing human wit to invent new goods and services and to discover new and better ways to bring them to the broadest possible public.

5. Teaches Morals

5.1. Softens manners.

5.2. Instructs citizens of being farsighted, objective and future-oriented.

5.3. Shapes the world of the future in a way helpful to as a large.

6. System Design

6.1. Destroy's envy by generating invention, discovery, and economic growth.

6.2. Designed to gets the best out of people.

6.3. Inspire peoples creativity and cooperative impulse.

7. People

7.1. Brings people closer, more frequent, and complex interaction.

7.2. Stimulate them to learn of new goods and new methods through international exchange.