Big word: Mulan

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Big word: Mulan by Mind Map: Big word: Mulan

1. Mulan is a disney character in the movie 'Mulan'. In the movie she is fearful that her ailing father will be drafted into the chinese military so, she takes his spot. Although, as a girl living under a patriarchal regime, she is technically unqualified to serve. Mulan pretends to be a man in order to serve, standing up fro what she believes in, whilst living in a patriarchal society.

2. Empowerment

2.1. A woman during Mulan's time was expected to sit still and look pretty. However by creating conflict through her actions, Mulan empowered those around her to be better and strive for her standards. I hope to be able to implement the same type of empowerment to young women who engage with my leadership quest.

3. Standing up for what you believe in

3.1. Mulan stood up for what she believed in by taking her fathers place in the military. 1- her belief that women are just as worthy as men. 2- her belief that she could make a greater impact than her frail father. I want to explore my passion for feminism and express my finding to the public.

4. Courage

4.1. I hope to be bold and courageous with my actions. Attempting thins, like mullein did, that haven't been done before and push me outside of my comfort zone.

5. Risk taking

5.1. Milan takes a huge risk by taking her fathers place in the military. I hope to take such risks in my leadership quest as they might lead to failure, or they could lead to great success and I have nothing to lose when it comes to fulfilling my quest!

6. Work ethic

6.1. In the movie Mulan works tirelessly to meet and overcome expectations set for her without expecting anything in return. I hope to be able to push myself to create something that can help others without necessarily needing anything in return.

7. Networking

7.1. Milan takes every opportunity she can to make connections. Whether that be with a human, a cricket or a tiny dragon. I want to apply that logic to my leadership quest by talking to as many people as I can and in order to broaden

8. Adversity

8.1. Throughout GC (or so I've heard) there are a lot of ambiguous/ uncomfortable situations that I will need to deal with. Mulan deals with such situations whilst upholding her morals and staying true to her values which I hope to do.

9. Humbly defies gender stereotypes

9.1. Through my leadership quest I will be exploring what women have achieved although I hope to do it a fashion where women aren't the only people that can be empowered. I want to showcase what is humanly possible and how to overcome societies barriers to get there.