Dental Ethics

Ethics in Dentistry

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Dental Ethics by Mind Map: Dental Ethics

1. Involves relatively long & specialized preparation (usually in higher-education)

2. King Saud University College of Dentistry

3. What is Ethics?

3.1. Meaning of "Ethics"

3.1.1. is the study of Morality

3.1.2. What's Right & what's Wrong

3.1.3. Ethical behavior is innate but also learned

3.2. Dentistry as a Profession

3.2.1. Is an occupation

3.2.2. Governed by a special code of ethics and self-governance

3.3. History of Ethics in Health

3.3.1. Ancient Times

3.3.2. Middle Ages

3.3.3. Modern Institutions

4. Why Ethics in Dentistry?

4.1. Profession vs. business

4.1.1. Dentistry as a Recognized Profession

4.1.2. Dentistry as a Commercial Enterprise, whereby dentists employ their skills to earn a living.

4.1.3. Conflict of interest between these two aspects of dentistry

4.2. Ethical Decision-making

4.2.1. Ethics change with time & location

4.2.2. Ethics in dentistry not established by dentists alone

4.2.3. Depends on laws, society, technology ...etc

4.3. People trust that dentists will act on their best interest

4.3.1. People trust dentists with their bodies and secrets

4.3.2. People know that dentists are the best when it comes to oral problems

5. How to act ethically?

5.1. Rational vs. Non-rational

5.1.1. Non rational (not involving introspection) Obedience Imitation Feeling or desire Intuition Habit

5.1.2. Rational (Involving Introspection) Principlism Respect for autonomy Beneficence Non-maleficence Justice Veracity Deontology Consequencialism

5.2. methodology: DECIDE

5.2.1. D – Determine Ethical Issue

5.2.2. E – Educate yourself about the issue

5.2.3. C – Consider Alternative Solutions

5.2.4. I – Inform Stakeholders

5.2.5. D - Decidide

5.2.6. E – Evaluate the Decision

6. Who comes First? (stakeholders)

6.1. Society

6.2. Employer

6.3. Colleagues and the Profession

6.4. The Dentist

6.5. Patient is No#1

7. Abid H. Al-Badr, BDS MPH MHSA DRPH

7.1. Abid Badr (@AbidBadr) | Twitter

7.2. All rights are reserved