Input and Output

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Input and Output by Mind Map: Input and Output

1. Intro

1.1. -a device which is connected to an i/o modules of computer is called peripheral devices. -Each module interfaces to the system bus or central switch and controls one or more peripheral devices.

2. Human Readable

2.1. - Suitable for communicating with computer user.

2.1.1. - Example video display terminal and printers

3. Machine Readable

3.1. - Suitable for communicating with equipment

3.1.1. - Example magnetic disk and tape systems, sensor and actuators used in robotic applications

4. Communications

4.1. - Suitable for communicating with remotes device

4.1.1. - Example they may be human readable devices such as terminal and machine readable devices such as another computer, modem network interfaces card (NIC)

5. I/O Module

5.1. - Interface to the processor and memory via the system bus or central switch

5.1.1. - Interface to one or peripheral devices by tailored data links