The Component of The Unit Systems

Khofifah Sulistioning Ardi

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The Component of The Unit Systems by Mind Map: The Component of The Unit Systems

1. How About the Desktop Computer, Computer Notebook and Mobile Devices?

1.1. Desktop Computer: As a whole it consists of a CPU and Monitor that takes up space, and electricity that is quite a lot.

1.2. Notebook Computer: As a whole can be taken anywhere, in addition to its minimal shape, and the power consumption is fairly economical.

1.3. Mobile Devices: Easy to carry anywhere, for today's gadgets it can work like a notebook. Because there are many apps that can be accessed now.

2. System Units

2.1. Motherboard

2.1.1. Drive Bay(s) Slots that are usually located on the front top of the PC Case that functions as a place for hard drives, floppy drives, and optical drives (optical disk drives)

2.1.2. Power Supply Battery Power Supply Power Supply AT (August 1984) Power Supply ATX (1995-Now)

2.1.3. Sound Card On-Board Stick directly to the computer motherboard Off-Board Installation in the ISA/PCI slot on the motherboard External Connected to a computer via an external port, such as USB or FireWire

2.1.4. Video Card On-Board Processing images or videos is very limited Speed is very minimal and limited Add-On / Card IBM-PC Card (1981) Graphic 2D/3D (1995) Voodoo Graphic Chip (1997) Intel Accelerated Graphics Port(AGP) Graphic Card (2003-Now)

2.1.5. Memory RAM For Intel pentium 3 until Intel pentium 4 DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) -IBM Company 1970 EDO DRAM (Extended Data Output Dynamic Random Access Memory) SD RAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM -1996 until 1997 RD RAM (Rambus DRAM) FPM DRAM (Fast Page Mode DRAM) -1987 DDR SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchoronous Ram) 1999-Now ROM Hard Disk (HDD) Flash Disk (FD) Floppy Disk(Disket) CD or DVD-Rom

2.1.6. Processor / Central Processing Unit(CPU) Section Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU) Control Unit (CU) Register Unit (RU) Types Multi-Core Processor Dual-Core Processor Quad-Core Processor Cooling System Coolant Water Heat sink Fan External

3. Port and Connectors

3.1. Port: Audio In, Cable TV, Vga Poer, HDMI port, and Etc

3.2. Connectors have 3 components: Start from Type A: This components used in desktop, and Notebook Computer. Type B: For external components, for ex: Printer, Scanner, and etc. Type Mini-B: Cameras, Video Recorder and etc.

4. Buses

4.1. Data Bus

4.1.1. Serves to transfer data, carry data to and from devices or peripherals

4.1.2. Consists of several transmission lines 8, 16, 32, and even 64. Even more parallel lines

4.2. Control Bus

4.3. Address Bus